North Las Vegas Sprinkler Repair

North Las Vegas sprinkler repair completedTake a moment to look around your yard. How does it look? Are there areas that need to be spruced up, what about brown patches, or does your entire lawn look like a wheat field in Kansas? Our North Las Vegas sprinkler repair team has brought lawns back from the brink of oblivion on more than one occasion. We have the team and we've got the tools, all you need to do is dial us up to get expert lawn service now.

What? Your lawn looks great and you don't need a sprinkler system to keep it looking that way? Good for you! How much time do you spend out there watering? Right, you spend hours watering your lawn and garden to keep it in great shape, but when do you really get to enjoy it? By putting in a sprinkler system you can get those countless hours of watering back and spend them enjoying the beauty you have instead of working on it.

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North Las Vegas Irrigation Efficiency Checks & Upgrades

Lawn with two sprinklers in North Las VegasOur North Las Vegas irrigation team can also save you money whether you currently have a system or not. If you have a system that hasn't been serviced in over a year, it probably isn't nearly as efficient as it was when it was first installed. Plants grow and their water needs change. If you haven't had your heads adjusted or your system inspected in a while, there may be underground leaks or other issues with the components of your system that are hurting its efficiency. These small issue can lead to extra water usage that can almost double your monthly water bill.  Still, an inefficient sprinkler system is going to save you more money than not having one at all.

If you are currently hand watering your lawn there are several ways that this is costing you money. First, you probably aren't getting up to water in the pre dawn hours when watering is most efficient. In North Las Vegas the sun heats the ground quite quickly. This makes water applied after 10 am more likely to evaporate before reaching the roots of the plants necessitating the use of more water to achieve the same results. Not only are you using more water when not watering pre dawn, but you are delivering an inconsistent amount to your lawn and flowers. This results in the lawn growing at different rates in different areas and not looking nearly as good as it should. By watering by hand you are also wasting your valuable free time. Instead of enjoying yourself, you are tethering yourself to your lawn and making it just another one of the many chores you have to do throughout the day.

Save yourself money and reclaim your free time by contacting us to handle your North Las Vegas sprinkler repair and installation today!